Online Internet Shopping

Online Shopping and your Security

Shopping online is becoming a part of day to day ordinary life, with many people going online to window shop, compare prices, and to buy.

It’s like having the shops come to your house, as and when you want them, morning, noon and night, 24/7.

It is easy to overlook a few basic security hints and tips that everyone should bear in mind. Security online is not calling for paranoia, just common sense and a few simple checks.

If you use well established internet names, perhaps Amazon, or Argos, you can be pretty sure that they will have the most up-to-date and powerful Continue reading Online Internet Shopping

Housing & Construction

Housing Construction Today and Tomorrow

The output of Britain’s house building industry is currently far from satisfactory, with a housing shortage pushing prices ever higher and higher. There would seem to be a whole generation up and coming, to whom the concept of home ownership is something from fancy-land.

There are those who claim that governments thrive better on high-priced housing markets, but government also has a responsibility to ensure the population has access to adequate housing.

In 2004, the then government commissioned a review into the housing market by economist Kate Barker to analyse the lack of housing supply and the housing market’s failure to meet Continue reading Housing & Construction

SEO Shortcuts – How To Buy Google Friendly Links Safely

Can You Buy SEO Links Safely?

Is it safe or wise to buy SEO backlinks for your website and should you do it?

There are several ways with which to increase the volume of backlinks pointing at your website pages; you can sit and wait for other website owners to find your site, appreciate your content and like to it as a reference from their site (Incidentally, this is what Google want you to do), or you can speed that process up in several ways, you can build organic ‘free’ organic links by reaching out to other websites and asking them to Continue reading SEO Shortcuts – How To Buy Google Friendly Links Safely

Driving Without Car Insurance

No Insurance Offences

There is a growing number of UK motorists taking to the roads without valid car insurance. Numbers have been estimated as approaching 1 million annually.

This is a serious issue because of the third party risks associated with causing an accident or damage while not insured.

It is very irresponsible to drive a car on the road without having insurance cover in place, but due to the high cost involved, growing numbers of drivers are taking the risk and driving regardless.

With fewer police on our roads, policing issues such as insurance, it is maybe not a surprise that drivers consider it a risk worth taking.

With the growing number of ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition Cameras) are now installed on many Continue reading Driving Without Car Insurance

Health And Safety At Work

Safety and Sense at Work

If you have just started a business in your spare room at home, or in the garage, maybe involved with computers for ten hours every day, first aid isn’t likely to be a priority in your mind, (but safety and the health of people at work is important).

The HSE see things rather differently. Every employer, and that would include you, having just employed yourself (?), has a responsibility to “assess the hazards and risks in your work place, and establish an appropriate level of first aid provision.”

Some would agree without hesitation, some would groan inwardly and accuse it of being an organ of the nanny state, though few Continue reading Health And Safety At Work