SEO Shortcuts – How To Buy Google Friendly Links Safely

Can You Buy SEO Links Safely?

Is it safe or wise to buy SEO backlinks for your website and should you do it?

There are several ways with which to increase the volume of backlinks pointing at your website pages; you can sit and wait for other website owners to find your site, appreciate your content and like to it as a reference from their site (Incidentally, this is what Google want you to do), or you can speed that process up in several ways, you can build organic ‘free’ organic links by reaching out to other websites and asking them to link to you (with enough time and effort & if you know what links you want, this will work for you) or you can buy backlinks in various forms.

Paid backlinks come in different formats. There are link management companies who will position your backlinks within the content of high quality, relevant sites and domains, giving you very natural looking links. (but the most expensive link building method).

Cheaper than the service above is to find sites that have “buy a link here” or “Advertise on this site” written all over them. The problem with these sites is that if it’s easy for you to find them and buy a link, it’s also an easy process for Google to identify those sites and to have a list of domains that it doesn’t trust to pass quality links.

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Below these however, are the cheapest of all link building methods, the automated link network. As fast as Google finds and kills link building networks and strategies, new ones pop up, tempting hard pressed website owners to take the quick, low cost route.

Link Farms

Sooner or later, these link networks and farms will be found and neutralised by Google, leading to the sites that they link to to be penalised for those links. Recovering from using a link farm is a long and expensive business, with no shortcuts.

All SEO companies sell links. They have their own systems and processes for creating those links and they are in essence “Paid links” because you have paid for their creation. The big difference however is that good quality links are undetectable as being paid, (Get the best possible links at SEO Bedford – Deehoseo) and are blended into contextual content on high quality sites, in relevant content, providing you with a ranking boost.

The big difference is that well positioned organic, contextual links can’t be associated with link networks if they are built by reputable SEO providers.