Driving Without Car Insurance

No Insurance Offences

There is a growing number of UK motorists taking to the roads without valid car insurance. Numbers have been estimated as approaching 1 million annually.

This is a serious issue because of the third party risks associated with causing an accident or damage while not insured.

It is very irresponsible to drive a car on the road without having insurance cover in place, but due to the high cost involved, growing numbers of drivers are taking the risk and driving regardless.

With fewer police on our roads, policing issues such as insurance, it is maybe not a surprise that drivers consider it a risk worth taking.

With the growing number of ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition Cameras) are now installed on many petrol station forecourts, as well as on sections of road, as well as being installed in motorway patrol police cars.

This means that uninsured drivers might still be identified as such if they drive on motorways or fill up with fuel at larger filling stations, but many savvy drivers know this and for local journeys can get away with not being insured for long periods of time.

Many drivers find themselves on the wrong side of the law accidentally, through administrational error or a failed payment, miscommunication or other reason that demonstrates intent to comply with legal requirements even if they committed the offence at the time. Pattersonlaw.co.uk can explain your defence options if you are caught driving uninsured.

Additionally, many drivers who intend to drive uninsured don’t register the car in their name at their address making the task of identifying the uninsured driver much harder.